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Welcome to Ruperts Raw Dog Food,

Meet Rupert!

Thank you for visiting our raw food website, let me share with you my experience of feeding raw meat products to my own dogs.

We have always been animal lovers and always heard stories of how feeding raw was so much better for dogs, so intrigued as to how it could benefit our precious dogs we did some research and started our journey into raw.

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical, but everyone's advice and comments seemed to make sense. After all, dogs and cats have been ”eating raw” for thousands of years and we wanted to do what was best for my dogs health so we made the decision to try our gang with raw meat. Within ten days, there was definitely a transformation with them all becoming much more happy and energetic and really enjoying their meals and producing perfectly-formed stools which were smaller, more solid, and alot less odour.

Other differences in the dogs became noticeable really soon aswell, with our 2 fluffy dogs no longer itching so much, which we put down to the fact feeding raw is grain free, and these were just the short term benefits. In the long term it has meant much healthier dogs, much better oral hygiene and less vet visits all round.

Friends and family soon started to notice the changes in our dogs health and began to ask about the benefits of feeding raw meat to their pets and where they could buy it. What began as my favour to a few friends soon developed into a full-time business, Ruperts Raw Dog Food. We aim to supply raw food from only the top quality brands, as well as providing advice to really help promote raw for all its health benefits it can provide your pets.

How Ruperts Raw Dog Food can help your pets:

We know you love your pets and want to feed them the best possible diet – one they will enjoy, but also one that can improve their health. At Ruperts Raw Dog Food we stock an excellent selection of top quality branded raw products, all of them are full of natural proteins and vitamins to help keep your pets fit and lean.

Whether you have a puppy, or a senior dog we have raw food choices that are right for them. And they´ll love you for it. The products we supply are also suitable for other pets!

You can count on Ruperts Raw Dog Food to provide an excellent, personal service. Please do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about your pets and how our products can benefit them.

 Email us: RupertsRaw@gmail.com

 Telephone us: (Monday-Saturday 11am-4pm): 07538336810

P.S. Here is Rupert with the rest of his brothers and sisters! He doesn't want to steal the spotlight too much!